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José Fernandes created Aquitaine Business Driver, his private driver company. His ambition is to offer a range of high-end services.

Saying that José likes to drive is an understatement for the one who has spent much of his career in the prestigious Paris Fire Brigade. He worked there for fifteen years as a big trucks driver.

This rich experience allows him to assert his skills in stress management, punctuality and responsiveness. And makes it customary to drive in highly urbanized and busy environments.

Today José drives passenger vehicles, sedans and vans. He collaborates with the most prestigious companies which regularly entrust him with transport missions for their customers.

He places his taste for driving and all the skills acquired and developed throughout his professional career at the service of his customers.

As a business manager, José pursues a dynamic of continuous improvement in his activity. It leads him to continue his own pilot training while placing his services in a real quality approach.

M. José Fernandes, votre chauffeur de l'entreprise Aquitaine Business Driver.

José Fernandes, private driver
at Aquitaine Business Driver

Un passager en train de consulter une tablette dans la voiture de son chauffeur privé.
Dessin d'une voiture en train d'être nettoyée, votre chauffeur est consciencieux sur l'hygiène du véhicule.
On board

Comfort & hygiene on board

We put at your disposal on board the vehicle:

  • a Wi-Fi connection and a USB charger for Android and IOS phones
  • newspapers and magazines on digital tablet
  • bottles of mineral water and sweets
  • tissues

For your protection and that of your driver, we apply strict hygiene and prevention measures on board your vehicle:

  • your driver is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)
  • your driver applies barrier gestures
  • your driver respects a gauge of 3 passengers maximum (excluding family) per sedan and 4 passengers maximum per van (excluding family)
  • your vehicle is disinfected before and after your transfer
  • masks and hydroalcoholic gel pods are available to you

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